About Us

SunsetStanding Stones Expeditions started in 2007 as a specialty vehicle and expedition company offering products and overland expeditions to the off-road adventure marketplace. The founders of our company have been overland adventure off-road enthusiasts for their entire careers, and we are driven by the power of The American Dream. We have evolved to become the top overlanding specialty company in the industry by offering high-quality products that ensure the best and safest off-road adventures for you and your family.

Our adventure packages and expedition vehicles in Stonington, CT, give you access to a side of nature you’ve never seen before, and each of our ambassadors field test our products every day to guarantee their durability. We believe in the importance of working hard, playing harder, and putting your tech gadgets down so you can explore the great outdoors with the same enthusiasm our ancestors had.

Contact our staff to learn more about our expedition vehicles. Based in Stonington, Connecticut, we provide adventurers nationwide with the resources they need for their expeditions.