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Important Things to Remember when Overlanding Part 2

Overland AdventuresIn a previous post, we discussed some crucial things that you will want to bring with you on your overland adventure. Depending on your destination and route, this list can be very long. We thought we would share some additional items you will want to include on your list.

Spare Tire- You never know when you are going to need to change a tire. Your chances of having a flat tire are higher when you are on overland adventures because you are going off-road with your vehicle. You will also need the items to assist you when changing your tire including a jack and lug wrench.

Flashlights- You will always need to have more than one flashlight on your trip just in case the first one burns out or you lose it. You can never be too prepared when you are packing for an adventure.

Shovels- You will want to bring along at least one shovel in case your vehicle gets stuck and you need to dig it out.

Not only do you need to pack the essentials, but you also need to be able to locate each item when you need it. We recommend putting items together based on what you will be using it for and then place it in an easy to locate bag. Give us a call at (959) 200-9306 if you have any questions about overland adventures.