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Overland Trip PlannerWhy would you want to spend another weekend staring at the television, when you could get behind the wheel of your vehicle and discover exciting places? Overlanding is a recent trend that is sweeping across the adventurous crowd because it entails traveling through difficult terrains while being self-reliant the entire time. Some people are crossing deserts in foreign countries and others are finding camping sites with fantastic views. The possibilities are endless because you can end up discovering amazing places.

Here at Standing Stones Expeditions, we help plan your off-road adventures and help you get the accessories you need for upcoming journeys. We assist with the entire preparation process, so you know exactly what to expect when you are out on your own. Our team of adventurous thrill seekers will help you plan your trip from coordinating trail guides to arranging the food. After we help you prepare for the expedition, we will advise you on your vehicle preparation.

Now is the best time to get up off the couch and start preparing for your overlanding experience. The entire group at Standing Stones Expeditions wants to help plan your next adventure. Give us a call at (959) 200-9306 for a dedicated overland trip planner to assist with your upcoming journey.